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Tune In to ATV
Tune In to ATV

Who Is ATV?


Ambassador Television (ATV) is a satellite Christian Television that transmits in the Sub-Saharan Africa and some part of Europe. This is a television ministry of Christ Ambassadors Church based in South Africa. ATV offers 24 hours of unlimited inspirational, motivational and educational programs that appeals and impact the nations.



Our vision is to Bring Gods Power To The Nation. Our Philosophy is to reveal God’s Power within excellent and quality programming that caters for all.


Why “Ambassador”?

Ambassador means REPRESENTED. An Ambassador does not stand for himself, but for the country which he comes from. He is affected by the rues of the country which he comes from not where he is living. So in the same manner, as Christians, we are “Ambassadors of Christ” and our country is the Kingdom of Heaven not this earth. We operate by the rules of Heaven and not of this world.

Watch Ambassador TV and see the rules of Heaven in operation.


The Executive Producer

Pastor Idah2

The vision behind ATV is to show the existence of Jesus Christ even in today’s generation. Pastor Idah Peterside, The Executive Producer of ATV,  is one of the vessels used by Jesus Christ to reveal God’s Power to his people. Pastor Idah uses this channel for God’s service to touch lives and deliver people from Satan’s manipulation.



The Mission

  • To reveal God’s power
  • To bring Dynamic Ministers of God that will have influence on people’s lives
  • To entertain yet give an atmosphere of praise and worship
  • To show that Jesus Christ died for everyone no matter what color or breed


The Production Team

Our production team comprises of dedicated, talented and skillful God-Fearing young people. The team has Editors, Cameramen, Presenters, Visual Mixers, Reporters, Graphic Designers, etc. This team worked with Christ Ambassadors Church media for years, which helped them develop their skills.


During Service at CACATV CrewOn the Camera