Tune In

Tune to Ambassador TV on the following satelites:

DSTV Decoders, Satellite Decoders and Receivers .


Please follow the steps:


Press menu button

Move down to” Advanced options”press Ok

Select “Dish Installation” press Ok

Enter Pin “9949”

On the “Installation menu “move to

On the dish installation menu move down to NETWORK 2

Use right arrow to select”other”menu .Press Ok

Check that the satellite name is PAS IS20

Move to FREQUENCY on line 6 and Press Ok.Enter 12602

Press ok

Check that the symbol rate is 26657

Move down to EFC and use right arrow top change 2/3

Press Ok

Check That Polarization is Vertical

Move down to Use NIT change it to yes .Press Ok

Move down to ” Accept display value “and press ok

Dish installation menu should display

Move down to” Scan all network”scanning may take several minutes

Wait till screen display

Press TV button and move down to “Public IS 20” Press ok

Press P+ or P- until you find ATV

To  Get back to DSTV  bouquet

Press TV and button and check on DSTV

Scroll on any channel of your choice and Press Ok.


For further information:-

If you have any queries, please contact us at Email Support!